Double amputee sailor around the world!

In 2008 Dustin had a tragic motorcycle accident on a highway near his home. A drunk truck driver drove head on into his motorcycle.  This accident led to Dustin’s left arm being ripped off at the time of the accident and his left leg having to be amputated later in the hospital.  This accident almost caused Dustin Reynolds his life.

After the accident happened and Dustin found himself lying in the dark on the road, on the brink of death and realizing what had just transpired, he considered the idea to remain on that road and let nature take it’s coarse.  With every thought of what life will be like from here on for him going through his mind, on this fateful night, Dustin chose to live at any cost and he mustered his last strength and managed to make a call. 911.  He was rescued just in time.

Dustin lost almost everything.  When all the medical procedures were done and physical rehab completed and insurance companies paid there was still a 450,000 usd debt, Dustin was facing bankruptcy.  Along with losing two limbs came the loss of the lifestyle he was accustomed to, his job, businesses, and motorcycle, all which in turn led to him suffering from bouts of depression and loss of purpose.   Dustin might have lost all of this but the one thing he did not lose was his will to live this second chance at life to the fullest.

With a lot of sleepless nights and life’s beautiful twists and turns thrown into the mix, coincidence and some luck brought him to a sailboat, his dearest Rudis – Wich he could AFford to the cost 12,000 UsD- and where he got his baptism by fire on his first Sail ( learned by watching You tube videos) 1000 miles to Palmyra.

He enjoyed the bluewatersailing – and In 2014 Dustin set off to be the first double amputee to sail solo around the world.  During the past four years he has been fortunate enough to visit over 20 countries, sail to every continent except Europe, cover over 30,000 miles at sea, and ‘polished’ some of his sailing abilities sailing somewhere between Fiji and Vanuatu.

Only seven years ago Dustin had zero sailing experience and knew nothing about bluewater ventures and lifestyle at Sea in worlds exotic corners.  After his traumatic experience he has been welcomed with open arms into the sailing community and he has gone out on a limb, excuse the pun, to integrate himself into every village, town, and city he has had the pleasure to come across. He has had one of the most unique experiences in life, traveling in this way.  There are not many people who dare to sail solo around the world and here we have not only a brave and remarkable person doing it but for the first time ever someone who is also missing an arm and leg.  Dustin says he never would have had the unique experiences, reactions and interactions with the people he comes across, if it wasn’t for his given situation.

Looking at the way forward, his plan is to spend a year sailing around the Caribbean before passing through the Panama Canal and completing his solo circumnavigation in Hawaii.  After which Dustin is planning on maintaining this lifestyle of traveling the world and experiencing life at it’s most adventurous, preferably on a boat more capable of high latitude sailing, such as through the North West Passage and Antarctica, and being able to withstand the harsh conditions he will undeniably be faced with.


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