You can stream GoAlive.TV from internet connected devices with a network browser on computers, smartphones and tablets. We recommend using an app for your device for best performance. The GoaliveTV app is available to dowload on Google Play and Apple Store.

For security reasons, you will not need GoaliveTV credentials to sign up or log in. Instead use your personal account with your favourite ID provider; Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon or Twitter. If you are already logged in to the selected ID provider you will be taken directly to GoAliveTV. If you are not, you will need to provide your ID providers credentials, after which the ID provider will authenticate you and pass an OK (or not OK) token to GoAliveTV.

GoAliveTV will not see, use or store your password at any point. Should you forget or need to reset your password, you must follow your ID providers reset process. You will need a GoAliveTV membership to view GoAlive Content. Premium content is available to buy and view for members only. Should you decide to terminate your membership, access to the premium content is lost. (Each membership can only watch GoAlive content and at one of the mentioned platforms at the time.)

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